My crush who likes me is acting odd.

So he told a friend he likes me but he'll act weird. Were in pottery class and we were asking each other questions like "would you date someone if___" and he basically put in things that pertained to him to see if I would go for someone like him. I'm awful at pottery he's really good and at the end of class he was like I don't think I would ever date someone whose bad at pottery because we wouldn't have any common interests. We both hate pottery and I think he was joking. He stared at me right after to see my reaction but I just ignored the comment. Was this a joke?


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  • Ok so honestly to know if someone is joking you kinda have to know them so I can't give you a straight forward answer. But I personally think he was joking and trying to put a "feeler"out there. Trying to see how you would respond to wht he said, kinda like testing the waters, I'm guessing he isn't sure if you like him so he's trying to figure it out without being too obvious. Does that make any sense.?

  • It may not have been a joke but it was to make a conversation