Is this a great first impression?

So I'm texting my boyfriend & his brother is texting saying who is this and I tell him he goes off and says which girlfriend is this. I called him an a** and he just talks sh*t about me and his brothers relationship saying its annoying how he talks about me so much what should I do about my boyfriends brother?


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  • Wow.! You have 3 options. You could be the bigger person nd have a "come to Jesus" talk (not saying become Christians or anything it's just a saying I use) nd try and find out why he doesn't like you nd try to get over it nd become friends. Or you could do like me nd dish back whtever he dishes at u(not the best ooption but it's easier ). Finally you could tell your boyfriend nd if he doesn't like do anything about his brother IGNORE HIM ( the brother not the bf)


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  • Nope. I can't understand you. Bad first impression.


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