Whats the point of doing it, if you're going to deny it?

I've never really stopped to ask myself this and when I do its relatively difficult to come to a decision so feel free to comment on where you think I am given the scenarios.

When I was younger, around 8th grade, I was pointblank unattractive, and I mean just ugly. Now, 18, I've kissed a number of thee most picky good looking guys in my circle that don't guy near anything below a 6 on a one to 10 scale and I guess that made me feel confident but here's where it gets tricky. I've never been a relationship, a guy has never called me beautiful and all the 'picky guys' that I've kissed, have all either openly regretted, denied, never spoken to me again, never known me in the first place or had to find an excuse for doing it. My friends say I'm pretty and claim they don't understand why they've done that because they have no reason but I mean, every single one of them? It has to be telling me something? But at the same time, why did they do it in the first place?


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  • Why did they kiss you even if they weren't attracted? Because kissing is fun, and maybe you would have gone further.


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  • I breathe air, and I don't deny it. I need it to live, so why should I deny that I do it?

  • Probably you're not exactly drop-dead gorgeous, or maybe your personality is not compatible with theirs.

    Kissing is something we humans are conditioned to enjoy. IIRC there's some chemical or hormonal thing going on, that when 2 people have physical contact, or especially using the lips, you get a rush of emotions.


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