Guys and girls would you be turned off by dating a therapist?

If a guy or girl is a psychotherapist, would it turn you off or give you doubts about dating or having a relationship with this person? Why or why not?

I want to become one. I also like a guy who trained as one but didn't end up practicing. Even though I do want to be one and I get told by many people that I would be good at it, I can see why it freaks people out or would turn people off.

The guy I like can act very "therapist-like" and even I get annoyed by it. Because you feel like the person is scrutinizing you and trying to get in your head all the time. Plus, often people who want to be therapists have struggled with great emotional turmoil themselves. After all why would a normal happy person be drawn to studying people's inner problems and deep emotional pains and conflicts? Part of what motivated me is my own deep emotional pains and struggles in life. And I hear that is common in therapists... Because you've struggled you have a higher capacity to deal with emotional pain, and helping others work it can be therapeutic for yourself.


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  • Well attractiveness aside I find your vocational choice a cool one and I would find you very interesting as a person. It's something different and interesting. Again attractiveness aside I probably at least want to be your friend. Someone like a therapist can probably teach me a lot.

    I don't think any of this would greatly detract or add to your attractiveness though. At least I'm thinking that that would all be separate. At the least, being a therapist makes you rather interesting person.


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  • Not per se, but what you say is true, so it would put me on my toes a little. I like to give everyone a fair chance though, so if they show they're not too burdened by mental issues or w/e their career choice will only fascinate me.

    Oh, and I'm not a stranger to psychoanalysis myself so if they'd use that on me I'd just counterattack. ;P

  • Not necessarily. It would depend on her personality and how well she kept her psychotherapistiness out of our relationship. If I got the impression she was getting all analytical and or judgmental on me then it would bother me.


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  • I wouldn't find it a turn off, I'd just find it weird.

    • Why so?

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    • I'm not denying I have problems. I'm just saying I see no point in wasting my money on something I don't need.

    • not implying that you do have problems. I guess the only people who truly need one are those who cannot function in their day to day lives without medicine. but a therapist can be extremely helpful.