Why would people keep teasing me and this girl, saying we should date etc?

We are friends, kind of but we seem to get along really well. People say there's something about us when we are together and many people, on different ocassions, have told us to go on a date or get married and when we got mad at each other, somebody said, out of the blue, we should have make up sex.

Do you think people pick up something between us and that's why they mention this so much?


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  • People like acting like they're matchmakers. I don't know why, but they just do. This happens A LOT with one of my guy friends and I, and it really is extremely annoying. Even though we've both told them tons of times that it's never going to happen, they still keep going. I guess they just like teasing. People seem to think that it's so rare to have a platonic friendship with someone of the opposite sex, that something HAS to happen. I doubt they're actually "picking up" something between the two of you, they're probably just teasing you (especially since she seems to react quite dramatically every time they do it). My guy friend and I literally have zero sexual and romantic chemistry, yet my friends still keep teasing us.

    If you're interested in her and you're willing to risk your friendship, talk to her about it. But don't expect her to not blow up in your face, though.


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  • have a talk with her and see where both of your feelings are. if you two want to remain friends both of you could start telling people that the other person is like a close cousin to you and at least for now going further doesn't feel right.

  • yes and if you want something more, use this to your advantage, start teasing her about it too (after someone else brings it up)

    • I would dude, but while sometimes we just kinda "ignore" what was said, other times she gets defensive and annoyed at ME and I didn't even bring it up. One day a mutual friend told her (after we were bantering for a good 10 minutes) "just tell him you love him" she was all "NO" and then got irritated at me, can you imagine if I said anything? Its not my fault people see how she reacts when I talk to her haha.