Will you text someone frequently if you're not interested?

Just out of curiosity, would you text someone frequently (like several times a day, every day) if you're not interested in him/her? This is not counting the best friends type of situation.


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  • No. Continual texting is annoying

    • So you won't text someone, even if you're interested in her?

    • Yeah I would if I was interested. But texting for hours and hours can get annoying. It's sorta being clingy. I'd rather talk face to face.


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  • No I would not. I would only do it if I was interested in her, but even then it would not be every single day.

    • So how often would it be, then? If you skip days, do you do that consciously or is it just because you're busy doing other things?

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    • Jw, why would a guy text you every day? I dated a guy like that and didn't think much of the constant texting.

    • It's not only about looking clingy or desperate, it is also that it is simply not needed. As in: are there really so many important things you need to discuss?

  • I would only text a girl frequently if I want to get in her pants or was romantically interested in her

    • What would be the difference of your texts if you want to get in her pants and you're actually romantically interested in her?

    • Not much difference, only I would be more sexual in my texts towards the girl I only wanted to sleep with; to test the waters and see how she would respond. If she would respond very negatively or not at all then I would quickly go to the next chick. If she were to banter back on a sexual note in her messages to me, then I would of course continue texting her and slightly increase the sexual banter

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  • Yes. I make sure the guy knows that I'm not interested and that we'd peobably never date.

    • I got a little confused with your answer. Do you mean that yes, you'll text that person frequently, but only to blow him off?

    • I mean yes I'll text them several times a day every day but I let them know that I'm not interested in dating them.

  • No

    • So you'll just text someone frequently if you're actually interested?

    • That and if I have nothing else to do.