There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the terms "dating", "going out" and a "relationship".

How do you define them for yourself? At what point are in a relationship and no longer "just dating?" Thoughts? Comments? Opinions? Please weigh in...


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  • Put simply: (you can read an expanded version below)

    Dating is going out on dates.

    Going out is being romantically linked to somebody.'

    Relationship is when you've had the talk and agreed on exclusiveness.

    Dating is just going out on dates. For instance, you can take one person on a date and another person on a date and most people don't view this as cheating.

    It's is my OPINION that most people view "dating" and "going out" very similarly but I view them slightly differently. For instance, many people say "We went out twice" as another way of saying "we went out on 2 dates," but they could also mean "they went were going out with each other on 2 occasions."

    I view "Going out" as almost like being relationship but some key differences is you don't call each other "boy friend" and "girlfriend" and you have not said "i love you" yet. You are romantically linked to one another. But you haven't said you are exclusive but both men and women, sometimes view it as cheating if you were dating or going out with somebody else, others may not view it as such.

    Relationship: maybe you have had one of "the talks" and define what you to are. You maybe have posted it on Facebook. You are exclusive with each other and don't fool around with others (unless you've established you are in an open relationship, which I view as another form of going out.)


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  • Good thing is in french there is no word for dating, so it's way more easy ^^

    Some people say that "dating" means no commitment but I feel like it's not fair to go for other wile you're dating someone.

    I think it's when you say out loud that you're in a relationship. My boyfriend just asked for something serious and I say yes...relationship. It's way better than blurred lined when you don't know if you're committed or not

  • I think when you're past the "dating" and into a real relationship, you have a conversation with your partner and that's when it's official. All these terms are just to put a name on something that doesn't really have a commitment.

  • I would appreciate it if you can add to your question the word "hookup" as an update, and where it falls. because I went out with this guy for 2 times, and afterward we started hanging out at each others' places and I have no idea what the hell that means.


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  • P in the V

  • Going out is when it's just casual; it's right at the beginning, spending time and getting to know one another. Dating is when it's become pretty serious and each partner is getting pretty serious about that they want their relationship to blossom into a full fledged romantic relationship and even both parties maybe exclusive at this stage, even though they haven't mentioned it to the other partner. Relationship is when full love has bloomed and they have that "talk" and become exclusive officially towards each other, and the rest of the world