How often should you call or text someone that youve only been on one date with but are communicating with?

how often should you be calling or initiating contact with someone youve been out with once and who is in contact almost daily? I don't want to be annoying. and also, if you text something that you may feel was a little inappropriate or maybe too soon, do you mention it and clarify or just let it fly? thanks so much. I am 47 and he is 54.


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  • I wouldn't get in contact more than once a you mean you see each other almost daily anyway, because of work, or?

    • no we text daily but a lot is initiated by me as his job in law enforcement doesn't let him use his phone in a lot of places.

    • Once a day, tops, since he isn't supposed to field personal communications while on the job, of course!

What Girls Said 1

  • From my experience with text artists, firstly, this is a GREAT sign that you both are in contact with one another on a daily basis, which I take is either by text or call. I have been with some of the worse text ers, calling next to null and void, and let me tell you, it is the most frustrating thing a girl can ever experience. NOT a great way to initiate ANYTHING. It sounds as though this is a relatively new relationship that you are in, so my solid advice would be to go slow with the flow, and don't make a nuisance of yourself, that is NUMBER ONE. For some reason, many guys find this to be a "cramp in their style", and believe me, it get real old real quick. If you are BOTH making contact every day, then continue making "small text sweet talk," and let it go to that for the time being. And by him even wanting to 'initiate anything" as simple as even a text or a call, if things should become "more of a feather, stick together" sort of thing in the future, then I would agree it would be the time to "mention and clarify" what just might "fly.":))