When do girls go on dates with new guys when they are gonna move so soon?

I see a lot of girls' profiles online claiming to want a relationship but also wanting to "travel the world" and I even met a girl the other night from online who was talking to me about how she wanted to move to Florida. Luckily I am not someone who is just trying to meet new people of all types but why would someone go on dates just to move away and not talk to the person again?


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  • They're trying to enjoy the moment. Meet new people and enjoy themselves while they're still here. They might even change their minds about their plans if they met "the one." Besides, saying they want to travel the world and move somewhere is a lot different than saying they already have flights booked and plans to do it. Those are just things they'd like to do eventually if everything falls into place. It's not set in stone, and they're still therefore open to meeting a new guy where they're at.


What Guys Said 1

  • I want a relationship and to "travel the world;" and I want my girlfriend to go with me. I'd love to move to Norway, and my girlfriend knows that; she also knows that what I'd like to do and what I'm doing are different. Just because someone wants to travel or move somewhere doesn't mean they have concrete plans to do so in the near future. Perhaps you're overreacting and reading farther into it than the author intended.

    • Not at all, I've noticed a lot of girls who are just meeting a guy for the first time yet they plan to move with their family yet will go on a date with a guy who just moved into the area where she wants to leave. Obviously a guy who just moved into a new neighborhood isn't going to want to date a girl who intends on moving away in like 3 months.