My ex won't text me back so I can get my stuff. What to do?

He and I recently broke up and I remembered I left some things at his place. I got in contact so I could know when to pick them up and he won't respond.

He has his phone on him all the time and at least checks in the morning. It's been almost a day, I just want my stuff back.

What should I do, it's not expensive stuff but it's not like I betrayed him and he should be angry at me.

  • Go to his place unannounced
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  • Give him time he might be upset still
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  • Give it a couple of days. If he doesn't reply, you could stop by his place but only if you don't think he'll abuse you (verbally mostly). If he doesn't allow you to get your stuff, you may be able to get a police officer to help you get your stuff although that is usually tricky and not the best idea because of unnecessary extra drama.

    • Usually police don't get in volved civil issue, especially without a court order, but they will escort if their is a history of abuse or you feel threatened.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Sorry to hear, but I'd give him a couple of days, and if he doesn't respond, than I would go to his place when you know he will be home, but I would take a friend along and if he refuses to give your stuff back than you can go to your local court house ask to speak to someone who can advise you on how to get your stuff back.

  • If he doesn't reply in a few days, just let the stuff go.


What Girls Said 5

  • I agree with the anonymous answer, you know him better than anyone here so you should do what's best for your situation. Personally I would just go there when I know he is going to be home (with a friend or family member) and ask him to get your things if they're that important. You could also just ask a friend or family member to go there for you and ask for your things so you don't have to speak or deal with the drama.

    If the things aren't really that important it may be best to just leave it alone and start moving on. He clearly is still hurt or he's acting really childish... whatever his deal is, he's most likely not in a place to deal with this in a mature way.

  • Guys can be very cold, especially if you wanted the break-up, even on the friendliest of terms and me still caring a lot about a guy I ended it with, he was still pretty cold to me after that. Sure hurt a lot considering the break-up was HIS fault. Anyway, just give it a few days. If he doesn't respond, you can have a mutual friend maybe contact him if you need to.

  • If he wants to act like that, I would just get a police officer to come to his house and get them. Don't play with me about my belongings

  • Do you really need it? If yes go round when he's home and get it. Then don't contact him again for at least 6 months.

  • depending on how valuable your stuff is to you and you really need the stuff you left then yes I agree on giving it a few days to a week. Only you know him best and maybe he acting childish or maybe he doesn't want anything to do with you from how he is acting. I would just let it go and leave him alone. He might think that is your excuse to see or talk to him in person but like I said you know him better.

    • The thing is, he knows I don't want to talk to him again and I asked him to please give it to a friend near his place and she would give the stuff to me.