Does he see more for us?

So I went on multiple dates with this guy before I left for college that was far away. We hit off. We had dinner and watched a movie at my place. That night we had sex and he set up coming over the next day to finish the movie. We had sex that night as well. I told him from the beginning I didn't do friends with benefits. While we were having sex he called me his girl. We've talked about my past relationships and he's talked to me since the weekend. Will he just see me as a random hookup since I'm so far away and we had sex on the first date?

Me and him are now in a relationship! Thanks for the advice!


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  • i don't do one night stands by the sound of it nor does he as he was back the second night.

    i don't do sex on a first date either.kiss is OK and a hug.

    but as for you too. its very early to tell. but has he told you that he likes you more than just friends?

    i can tell you that I don't like long distance relationships. maybe that's on his mind. I would say ask the questions and see if you get answers from him and that should tell you where you stand with him.


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  • it doesn't count until you finish the movie


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  • It's too soon to tell