Should I text her first even though she broke up with me?

Ok so me and my girlfriend dated for almost 2 and a half years, I am currently 21 and she is 19, we were both each others first major relationship. She told me about 3 months ago that she wasn't feeling the same about our relationship as she had at the start. So I asked her if there was anything that I had done wrong or anything that I hadn't done that she wanted me to, she said that there wasn't anything that I had done and that I was a great boyfriend but for some reason she just didn't feel the same anymore. So we decided that we would keep on going and see if she was just going through a phase. During the next three months it was like a roller-coaster, some days she seemed completely happy and other days it just seemed like she could care less if she was with me or not. well around 2 weeks ago she asked me to come over and when I came over she told me that her feelings hadn't changed and that she thought it was best if we broke up... I asked her If there was anything more we could do to try to fix things and she said she didn't think so, so I told her that I agreed that that was probably the best thing to do and that I wished her the best, we were both starting to tear up so I then gave her a hug and told her goodbye. Like I said its been two weeks since we broke up and I still miss her like crazy! I haven't contacted her at all and she hasn't contacted me. All of my friends have told me that this breakup was for the best and that I should just get over her because I deserve better, and I know that there were times when she treated me like crap but there were also really good times. I know I shouldn't be doing this but I check her Facebook every once in a while and I see her posting lyrics for sad breakup songs and songs about missing your ex... So the real thing I'm trying to figure out now if I should text her or just wait and see if she text me! part of me is thinking that I shouldn't text her because she is the one that broke up with me so it should be on her to text me or not. But then the other side of me is thinking that I got nothing else to lose so why not give it a try. at the least I'm thinking I would wait another two or three weeks before texting her so I could get my mind straight and give her more time to think as well, and possibly give her a chance to text me. If I did text her I would just send a short text something along the lines of "hey! would you be up for meeting up today for lunch or dinner so we could catch up" I figured in doing this I would be able to at least maintain my dignity cause its not like I'm begging her to take me back. So what do you think? should I text her in 2 or 3 weeks or just forget about her and move on or wait for her to make a move?


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  • 60 days at least and maybe not even then. She broke up with you so the problem is hers. She needs to come to terms. Posting sad lyrics and songs on Facebook is common for girls to do after a breakup. She working through her emotions. If you contact her, you'll always wonder if she would've contacted you. Best to have that question answered.


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  • Ur having the same exact break up as me.. the only diff is that my boyfriend is the one who broke me up because he said he didn't love me anymore.. and its only been 8days since we broke up..i miss him like crazy and I'm still so depressed.. like your ex, I do post sad break up lyrics and movie trailers.. I keep wanting to text him but I also don't know if I should because same like u, he was the one who broke it up in the first place so I thought that I wanted him to make the first contact..

    • Yeah our situations seem pretty similar! I'm just gonna give myself 2 or 3 more weeks to get my head straight before I consider talking to her or anything. Just send me a message if you get any good advice or if you just want someone to talk to!

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  • You may not be using words that sound like begging, but that is how it is going to sound to her. If anything it would likely turn her off of you even more. Girls hate guys that come off clingy and desperate like that. You would look pretty pathetic trying to crawl back after she was the one that dumped you. If you have any chance of getting back with her, she needs to make an effort to contact you first.

    You really need to understand that she isn't interested in you anymore. Chances are she was already interested in someone else before she broke up with you. As her feeling for another guy started to dwarf the feelings she had for you, she realized she wasn't as interested in you anymore. That isn't to say she cheated on you, but it does mean that she has already moved on. Start trying to date other women, so you don't stay stuck on this one girl for too long. She isn't the only girl that can make you happy.

  • Forget her. Listen to your friends. Get over it.

    " I got nothing else to lose "

    Dignity? Self respect? Or do you not have any of those?

    "I figured in doing this I would be able to at least maintain my dignity"

    Ha! No you wouldn't.

    " cause its not like I'm begging her to take me back."

    Yes it is. And she would know it is.