Should I text him again or let it go?

I've been talking to this guy for a while, and he never replied all that much, but when he did (either texting or snapchatting) he was always flirty and nice and seemed happy to talk. Around Christmas, I mentioned that I had never really explored the city he lives in (it's near my college) and he said we should explore it together and to tell me the second I got back in town after break. We talked some after that, and then a few days ago when I got back I texted him and he never replied - it didn't even say read. I decided I would try one more time snapchatting him the next day and he opened it, but he didn't reply. Should I try again in a few days or just let it go completely? I just don't get how he could change his mind so quickly. A few days before he was excited for me to come back.


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  • Don't try'll feel bad about yourself if he doesn't respond. By opening the snapchat you know for a fact that he saw you were attempting to get in touch. If he wants to talk to you it's up to him to reach out to you at this point.

  • No don't try again...know your self worth honey. He sounds uninterested for whatever reason. Don't give him the time of day. He sounds lik an ass anyway