Is this/was a bad idea? He's so sensitive.

I've been talking to this guy for four months and I really like him. He took me on a date to the movies one Friday & I ended up staying all night the whole weekend. & we didn't have sex. That Friday I met his parents & friends. The next time we hung out we decided to have sex & he was very sweet with situation. He still took me out on dates but one day he completely cut me off I was crushed but he talked to me about how he started to get overwhelmed with his feelings & family problems so I told him I would wait for him & give him space that was two weeks ago now we are OK but when I first met him he was very heartbroken & stressed out with his baby's mother she now has someone new. He tells me I make him very happy but now I feel like I'm back where I started I feel like I have to cheer him up again. Last night we hung out & it felt different but it wasn't... I wanna know any advice that can be given I care about him & want him to be happy but he has an effect on me where I'm not happy when he's not & I want him to commit at some point but I don't want to stress more than he already is... Please help


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  • It seems like he has a lot of issues and projects those onto the people around him. I'd say he's not ready for a relationship and you should probably bow out to prevent heartache.

    • If she bows out though, it could just cause him more heart ache. That's the last thing he needs.

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    • Yeah I put myself first in these situations. In my experience, negative people have the worst effect on you.

    • yea they do, it sucks when someone is apart of my daily routine & it has to change


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  • He isn't ready for a relationship.


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  • I know how that feels. Yes, he isn't ready for a relationship, but don't abandon or bow out on him. He needs some level of support from someone, so be his support system. Be the person he can go to for anything. Eventually he will come around because he will realize he has someone who cares deeply for him.

    • Thank you that helps coming from somone who understands