When to tell a girl you like her?

So I've been on 3 dates with this girl that I met online and I really like her. I've been burnt before by showing too much interest to quickly with girls that I've been dating and so I've been careful not to this time. After what date is it OK to tell a girl that I like her/ what to be exclusive? Should I let her broach this subject first? If I wait too long will she lose interest?


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  • This is tough because I was in the same situation. We went on one date (met her online) and it went great. The second time wasn't really a date, but we me at her friends house for a party and ended up hooking up. Afterwards we both said we liked one another.So I asked her if she wanted to be my girlfriend. It was probably a bit premature but I was in the moment. She said yes, and then added me on Facebook to make it Facebook official.

    Looking back things went almost too smooth. A couple weeks later she ended up wigging out on me and never spoke to me again. Literally out of no where too. The day before it was "I like you so much I'd be upset if we stopped talking" then what do you know. I don't know, to each their own. I would wait just for the sake of keeping your guard up and not jumping the gun with a potential crazy.


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  • Is she reciprocating that same interest?

    If she is, I would continue to go with the flow

    and let feelings continue to develop.

    Continue to enjoy each others company, and take her out on dates.

    Then have the decision of what you are looking for,

    see if she's open to having a relationship.

    Then tell her how you feel.

  • you might want to wait a little more try another few dates . You don't want to seem creepy because you did met her online. Just tell her you have had lot of fun with her on the dates. And that you would like to keep seeing her. Have you kissed her yet?


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  • I'm curious to know what was the website you met her on. Please let me know.

    I agree with what the ladies have said so far concerning your question. Let it just come naturally.