Is he gonna text me?

I've met this guy online and we've been talking and all for like a month but the last conversation we had was a weak ago it was a goodone and he seemed really happy but it's been a weak and I got nothing from him , and I'm starting to think he is not gonna text me ever again , do you think there is hope he will ? And should I text him or would that seem desperate?


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  • Sometimes guys will play that game where they show interest in you by calling, texting, and/or emailing, Facebooking you alot, then they back away, cause they think the ball is in your court, and they want to see if you have just as much interest in him as he does in you. Honestly, I don't like guys that play games, but there could be many possibilities as to why this guy is doing this. But more than likely it's because he's playing that same old game that guys have been playing for a very long time which is the "Show interest, then pull back" game.

    There is no harm in texting him, and I would just text him, but I wouldn't say something "Hey" I would text him either a question or a conversation starter type text so it's easy to respond to. Cause if you just send a simple text like "Hey" that might not give a response, lol! I usually don't respond to those type of texts, lmao! So text him either a question or a conversation starter text. It wouldn't look desperate, however if he doesn't respond to your text I would call him, and if he doesn't respond to your call then I would ditch the dude. Let me know how it works out and if he gets back to you! Like I said I just think he's playing games to see if you are interested, and remember guys don't want to look needy or desperate either! So he could just be backing away cause he doesn't want to give you the impression that he's desperate. Hope I helped and Good Luck! :)


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  • From my very OWN experience with online dating and relationships, the most important thing here is: Open lines of communication. Without it, you may as well throw in the towel. Unless you have Skype and Yahoo, where you both can do "face to face", and really get to see and--begin to know--who you are dealing with---talking and texting are all that you DO have.
    You implied, from your last "conversation," that everything was "good to go," and that he "seemed really happy", so yes, this is a good sign that things were going well, and that you both were "into" one another. You didn't mention anything about "meeting up" any time soon, so am I to take this as long distance? Often on this site, and with "people's problems," I find out AFTER I have answered their "cries of help," that they then "tell more", having left out bits and pieces of important facts that may have been more helpful in best assisting them.. Therefore, I then end up "filling in the gaps" .
    If you are so worried about this, and it has been a week, go ahead, sweetie. Put your mind to ease. Send out a "concerned" message. It doesn't--and shouldn't--sound "needy or desperate." By reaching out to him with "cries of concern" that perhaps something may have happened to him, someone in his family or circle of friends have gotten ill, or just something you want him to know you are "worried about" in his life.
    By now, as it has been a month of perhaps "burning up the phone lines" and sending and receiving messages from one another, I am sure you would have been able to detect if there were suddenly "mixed signals". Cal it a sixth sense or a woman's intuition. But you said everything seemed "hunky dory" this last time, so something may have popped up that has prevented him from keeping in touch.
    I am quite sure that even right now "curiosity is killing the cat,' to say purr-say. So, instead of sitting there like some "pussy on a hot tin roof," and scared as one too, text your tom, and see if he will you send back a "nibbler." Being "quiet as a mouse" will never get you anywhere...Play ball. Good luck, sweetie.:))xx

  • hmmm... tricky.. I say let him text you but if you are that concerned then go ahead and text him. BUT ... ONLY text him once. Be prepared that he may not answer. And do NOT give in and text several times... it might even be better off if you just call him ! If you feel uneasy about that then call at a time when he isn't available to answer and that way he will get back to you lol

  • Text him. It's not desperate it has been a week.

    • Yes I know I just mean in like come off as needy

  • Do you usually text him or does he usually text you?

    • He texted mr first every single time except for like once but we had spoken the day before

    • Maybe you should text him saying "hey" or something. He might want you to text him first sometimes to see if you're interested.