So he hasn't texted me back, but he's a bad texter to begin with?

So I'm dating this guy and he is so bad with texting. It's our main form of communication because of the distance. He always saves texts as drafts by accident and tells me he would never leave a conversation just hanging. He tells me he feels bad when he doesn't respond. It's been almost 2 days with no response and I don't want to be annoying or anything.

At the end of the day today, if he doesn't respond should I just assume he doesn't want to talk to me anymore?

We normally text everyday, which is why this is so weird.


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  • Perhaps he is "busy with his life,' so if you have been texting every day, sweetie, then just "wait a minute," at least till the end of business today.

    With my experience with "text toms," as I call guys today, they have a motive behind every message that is either sent--or not sent. Firstly, he may very well be busy. And being you said, you both "normally text everyday," tells me, that even as you say he is "bad at texting," he HAS been taking the initiative. That's a good sign. When you don't hear anything "next to null and void,' then that is a red flag sign, which raises concern..naturally..

    Give it a bit. If you don't hear anything by, let's say sometime TOMORROW, then okay, send him a "light and sweet" concerned message as to how he is, and if everything with him and his family is okay?

    No, don't be silly. Unless he is giving you some sort of "mixed signals" that he may NOT be "into you", don't give your pretty little head a thought about THAT. Cut him some slack. There may be more than meets the eye here, and that wouldn't be what I would call "weird,' but instead..."worrisome."


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  • I wouldn't say that he 'doesn't want to talk anymore', but I'd question how much he truly likes you. I suck at texting, and I can't hold a conversation via text for long whatsoever, but if I like someone I make the effort, especially if she helps me by trying to ask questions or brings up different topics.

  • I have this same problem with girls. I think they read the message and then don't have a chance to actually respond to it immediately or they want to think about it and then forget cause they get super busy. Remember everyone can pretty much take a second to read a message but it takes a lot longer to actually send one so if he's at work, he probably sneaks a peak at his phone and sees your message but doesn't want to chance getting into trouble by getting caught texting.

  • maybe he accidentally flush his phone in the toilet,you never know


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