Dating tips? its our first date, and I am so nervous !

So few days ago we were asking each other Q's in turns, so I asked what's her dream date? so she told me that she will show me on Wednesday (we already had plans for Wednesday) what's the perfect date to her .. and now I am so freaking nervous about tomo ! she also mentioned us kissing, I want it to be p.e.r.f.e.c.t Because I like her A LOT.. seriously I am so nervous to the level that I am gonna get in a coma ! hahah tips please :(

P.s all I know is that were going for drinks (no I promise I won't get drunk)

In case you guys didn't notice were both girls:)


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  • Just giver her a soft kiss and then go for more, are you bringing her any flowers, she seems to like you a lot too if she's talking about kissing you. Good luck on your date :)