Did I annoy him with this text?

So I'm dating this guy and we go to schools in different states. I haven't heard from him all weekend so I decided to text him 'hey hows it going?' just to check in, you know?

He responded back fairly quickly with 'alright, busy. a lot has been going on here' etc.

Was he annoyed I tried to talk? Is this a sign to stop texting and leave him alone for a little bit? Or should I respond?


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  • There is no sign of annoyance there IMO.


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  • It could be that he's annoyed, but to be honest, he literally said he was busy and a lot was going on, so he's probably not in the mood to text a lot or doesn't have the time to do so. Just let him know that you're there if he needs to vent or relax or something, and then leave him to it. He'll text if he has time.