Too busy to date or just an excuse?

I get along really great with this cute guy I just met. He's always quick to point out that other women he mentions are just friends or coworkers; it seems like he wants to make it clear to me that he's single. But he also alway says how busy he is, which makes me think that he doesn't want to date me and being busy is an easy excuse. If you're busy will you eventually make time for someone you like?


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  • 1000% yes, if you ask him for a date, you make plans and then later he says 'I can't I am too busy' it's just a complete excuse, he is either nervous and getting cold feet or just isn't interested.

    Ok maybe sometimes you could be genuinely busy or something could come up last minute, but if he does it multiple times in a row he is clearly just messing around with you. At the very least if this happens he should give an explanation and/or offer to re-arrange.

    Remember, most guys just want sex, so they can pretend to like you and hopefully get you to avoid dates altogether and just skip straight to more personal activities...


What Girls Said 1

  • If I like someone then I can have time for that person. I LOVE this saying and it is also funny " If Jay-Z can make time for Beyonce and Obama can make time for Michelle then you guys have NO excuse for your girl to be busy" haha..take it as you want it :p