Am I overreacting over this texting stuff?

Okay so obviously society and relationships have become incredibly different now of coarse! But okay so me and my boyfriend have been together for a LONG time now like I called him thinking he's off work,than an hour later he TEXTED me asking what I'm doing! wtf y didn't he just CALL me back...?weirdo am I overreacting or right and thinking it's odd..?


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  • You've been with him for years. Its his first offense...right? Do you find yourself regularly overreacting? Maybe he had his hands full, couldn't talk, was doing something, and wanted to know. I think you should be more mad next time you call him and he doesn't call back OR text back.

    • OHH TRUST me I WAS PISSED and hE KNEW it I was yelling and swearing and like OKAY! what was SOOO important (well this was yesterday when it was a normal phone call he missed) I called him than he TEXTED me back..WHO does that? than said that he was busy and would call me and a minute which turned into a half hr! I was upset like WHAT were you doing?! we worked it out but it just bothers me..

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  • No offense, but I honestly think you're overreacting.

    There's been some instances like this with myself, where I just text back instead of call. I think a lot of people do it. It's just a convenience, especially if you can't talk right then, or are in the middle of something.