Havent talked to girl in a month, should I message her?

This girl and I were chatting online a month ago. But then I had to leave town for a family emergency. We had made plans to hang out but then I left town. Should I message her now, a few days before I get back, or wait until I am in town? We haven't spoken directly since I left, only a few likes on each others Facebook pages.

Thanks for the help!


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  • message her, that would be nice to know if somebody was thinking about reconnecting with me even before they get back home

    • OK will do. Another question, since I have been gone suddenly she is "in a relationship" with some guy from another state. Like, she met him once on vacation a few months ago. Its like a good 4 hour plane ride to where he lives. Should I mention this, or just leave it. Seems like more of a joke to me than anything else as I am positive they haven't seen each other since that vaca.

    • Leave it, don't bother mentioning it.

    • yea just leave it if you thinks it petty. I think you got a better shot here


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  • Hello why are you even asking this question? It is your fault so why don't you try to make everything right? Text her before it is too late.


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  • It's your responsibility to initiate contact again since it is 'your fault' last time didn't work out. Just get talking again and make new plans.