Should I contact him after we hooked up?

I'm a girl talking about a guy.

I met the roommate of a mutual friend at their house party, where we were flirting a bit. Then we ran into each other again at a club a few weeks later. I ended up going home with the roommate, but of course the friend was there. He said some weird things to us which made it clear that he was interested in going out with me and made the situation pretty awkward. I hooked up with the roommate anyway and we had a good night. We made out and cuddled and it was a bit romantic (to me at least). Then he dropped me off and asked for my number, but never contacted me afterward.

I see the friend on a daily basis, but he doesn't seem to have the balls to approach me. I'm not really interested in him and won't go out of my way to make something happen. Meanwhile I have a small crush on the roommate because, well, we slept together. Should I try to go for the roommate (by finding him on social media), or just give up altogether?

I should mention that the two of them are VERY good buddies. Same frat or something like that.


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  • Maybe the roomate is a little concerned about his friend, tell the guy you were with

    That you are interested, his answer will reveal to you what direction to take


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  • You gave him what he wanted without so much as a chase. Unfortunately you might not hear from him again until he feels horny enough.

  • It doesn't sound like the roommate is that much into you. Perhaps you could make yourself less available in the future?

    • I was hoping a guy would help me figure out what's going on between him and his friend. Would the roommate not want to pursue something with me because he knows his buddy likes me?

What Girls Said 2

  • Well that escalated quickly lol girl he didn't even have your number before and you already slept with him? He was looking for s*x and fortunately he found a very easy girl like you so he got what he wanted and finito. Now you are suffering from a thing called " catching feelings AFTER sex" and boys don't suffer from that haha. In my eyes it is your fault why did you slept with him in such an early stage, I don't think that he will think highly of you now. Boys like to chase a little and if the girl is so damn easy like in this case then he doesn't think about a serious relationship with you. Open your eyes next time. and hey the furthest you can be with this boy is friends with benefits, definitely nothing more..

    • I've been in situations where a one night stand led to something more serious, so no, not really.

    • ok then I'm sorry !

  • you should go for the one you want! add him on whatever but don't contact him that way you're making yourself available without looking too desperate