Do boys dislike texting?

So I'm dating this guy and he warned me that he's a bad texter. Sometimes he gets back to me right away and sometimes it takes him days! He also says he accidentally saves texts as a draft instead of actually sending them. He always apologizes and says he feels bad that he does that.

Do most guys just don't like to text?

We talk and stuff, I'm just wondering about texting in this particular situation.


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  • Unfortunately, most guys are bad at texting.

    It's not playing hard to get or anything like that because we do that with our friends too. I haven't spoken to my (male) best friend in over a month... for no apparent reason!

    Men just like their alone time really.


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  • Not all. Some are constantly texting and some are just not into it. I never text. I sent I think 3 texts in 2013 and all were to my dad for special notices when I couldn't call. I'm a slow texted too. But not all guys are like me. My best friend is constantly behind his cell texting and he doesn't even have a girlfriend.

  • I hate texting.

  • Most guys will be okay texting in the start of a relationship, but they will find that they cannot sustain the level of communication that most girls want.

    • So true. My guy peppered me with heaps of texts in the very beginning when we were at a stage of getting to know each other. As our rapport was being built up, however, I noticed his passion for talking though text was largely diminished, which really frustrated me for a while...

  • "Do boys dislike texting?"

    Some do and then some don't like talking on the phone (personally I dislike both)


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