Can you see yourself dating a demanding person?

can you see yourself a person who wants you to do all the driving in the relationship and be around you all the time and all day long? basically a person who can do nothing but spend money on you, help pay your bills, give you sex and be around you 24/7 when you are the one who do all the driving because she refuse to drive. will you date someone like this?


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  • Life is about moderation. Spending 24/7 with a person is too much. I wouldn't mind driving for her but she should be able to drive and be independent. One of my female roommates is very demanding, and I wouldn't date her. Thus, I would say no. It's a lot of work and mentally draining to be with a very demanding person.


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  • I don't have a problem with doing the driving. Being around each other 24/7 though? I donno. I need some time to hang with mah bros.

    • so if a person can drive and is able to drive, you will drive them every single place all because they don't feel like driving lol ok

    • Well it depends on how often and to what extent. You said do all the driving in the relationship, not be her personal chauffeur. Also depends on her reasoning for not wanting to drive.

  • I couldn't be the person completely driving the relationship, I just don't have that attitude... with me everything is basically mutual and mature.

  • I might. It doesn't sound like something that would be long term, but I'd be okay with that.


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