Why is he asking me this question?

I have been dating this man for a while now. A few months back, when I did not answer his call, he questioned me as to my whereabouts. I answered him. Nothing else was said about it. I never thought anything about it again until this week. He said that he had called me earlier in the week but for whatever reason, his call did not come through. Therefore, I was unaware that he had tried contacting me. The next day, he called and asked me where I was at the night before. At first I didn't know what he was talking about. He then told me that he had tried calling me the night before and did not get an answer. He then asked again where I was at. what's up with that? It is starting to get on my nerves and making me feel that perhaps there is trust issues. Am I doing something wrong? What is going on here and what do I need to do to stop it?


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  • he cheating on you. cheaters get all bent out of shape and will accuse of doing what they are doing. he's either a wussbag or cheater, dump him and get a new man.


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  • It's a bad idea to think that just because you're in a relationship, you can't have your own life. Let him know that needing to know where you are constantly is not OK, and tell him he can trust you. He doesn't have a right to expect more. Has he been in a relationship where him or his s.o. cheated? He could just be self-conscious. You definitely need to have a long conversation with him either way.

    • Thank you. Yes, he was in a relationship several years ago were he was in love with this woman and she walked out on him. He has not asked me my whereabouts too often but often enough. I have been faithful to him in the time frame that we have been dating. It is starting to hurt and to aggravate me that he even asks. Thanks again.

    • Just tell him it's been bothering you, and it hurts that he doesn't trust you, and then reassure him that you are/will be faithful to him. Good luck! :)