How to make hand phone messaging conversation more fun?

I have met a new friend yesterday and we were messaging on the phone, our messages were quite normal like hey where are you from, what do you do etc. How can I make the message conversation more fun instead of like normal 'hi bye' friend kind of chat? Thanks for replying!


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  • In conversations girls usually leave subtle hints to guide you along with the conversational flow.. In texts, they usually like to follow from what I've noticed. The more exotic/rare the conversation is, the stronger their attention is to your texts when they come in; if it's too much for "any" reason they will give short cheezy replies (e.g. "Yeah.. hah" / "Lol..." / "i'm busy"...) Be aware of how she's vibing with the conversation, if you're talking/texting more than her - back off and give her a chance to reply (aka... get lost in a project / with your buddies and forget phones even existed).

    The last tips are about being aware of your surroundings / the conversation / etc.. get creative, learn what's going on, listen to people you frequently talk to so that you have material to converse about. Most people are simple minded hence the prior suggestions but some people are more ... directional? E.g. they might passionately dive into a conversation about horseback riding / construction / style / etc... Kinda risky diving too deep into any singular topic (from my stance, it usually lands me in the friend zone, which isn't a bad thing for me anymore as I actually avoid relationships for personal reasons).

    Hope the tips help, as always, stay refreshed with a nice mtn dew and you'll sparkle like a G.


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  • One of my best conversations with a guy I didn't really know started with a "wanna play 20 questions?" He told me to go first and I asked him what he wanted to be (as a kid) when he "grew up". I don't think we got further than 3rd question when we completely forgot about the game and just talked about random stuff... Personally I liked that approach because it got us to know each other, and allowed us to drift off into other topics later on...hope that helps at least a little :S


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  • A few "rules of thumb" I go by.

    1) Don't try courting a woman via text.

    2) Keep it short, light, and non-serious.

    3) I said keep it short. Don't text all day, you have things to do.

    Everyone grinds whether its going to your shitty job or studying when you don't feel like it.

    Receiving a playful text during that day is refreshing. Making her feel like a kid again is always good. Just don't go over doing it.

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