She shows interest but responds so slow (days)?

Why does this girl respond so slow? She has shown interest through the text using "winks" ;) and even asked if we can meet up in person. But when she typically only sends one text PER DAY. Why is she so slow? Just playing with me?


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  • No, sweetie, if you are saying she is into you, then you have the text topic licked. By this I mean, she Is Bothering to even text you One in the day, so with this, she may have other texts she needs to send, like friends, And, being there is only 24 hours in a day, she probably needs to utilize Some of that to do other things.

    I find that when a person, like for me, a guy, texts Me even every Other day, he at least knows I am alive, and hasn't completely dropped me or---from the face of the earth.

    You're good to go..Good luck!:))xx

    • So is she just busy? She suggested we meet up soon, but when I asked her where and when she never responded.

    • Hmm, okay...Give Her a chance to respond to That..Maybe she just needs some Time to look at Her schedule before giving you answer. I have had it done to me, and maybe it takes a "minute," but he has gotten back to me. However, if you are Not hearing back, consider it Then only, and Only then a... "red flag."


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  • She may like you. When I like a guy I reply immediately and try to keep the convo going. Try and play her game and respond slowly. She maybe playing you but don't waste your time on her if this continues. There are better girls out there :)

    Plesse answer mine I need a guys pov thanks :)

  • maybe she's just busy

  • Because she is a private person


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