Would it be okay to text my boyfriend that I'm thinking of him, or enjoyed hanging out?

We're not hanging out very much or for very long recently, as it's mid-term week coming up. However, I did spend the night at his place last weekend, and hung out with him for the first half of today. Due to my ex contacting me, I was sort of down & distracted today though, and was really into my guy trying to kiss me. I think I might've kinda upset him because of that.

Should I text him that I enjoyed being with him earlier, or is that too much?


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  • It's your boyfriend. If you feel like texting him, text him.


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  • Did you mean to say that you were *not* really into him trying to kiss you?

    • yea lol, my bad x_x

    • I don't think it would be bad to text him real quick to reassure him that you had fun. I wouldn't mention being contacted by your ex, though. Unless there's a genuine problem you need his help with.

  • yes... duh...sorry... and I'm not trying to be mean but... why do you girls keep asking these types questions? do you like to "talk" to your boyfriends and ask them things? and can't you decide things for yourselves? just wondering


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  • Maybe text him something like "Sorry about my distance last weekend, I just was dealing with some personal shit. I'd still love to pick up where we left off soon! Until then, good luck with mid-terms!"