Should I kiss him on the cheek?

Last December, my guy friend kissed me on the hand, and has been flirting with me since then, and holding my eye contact and looking at me when I'm not looking also included. But, I think he's getting more shy everyday. How would he react if I kissed him on the cheek? Should I even do it? I do like him and if he has any interest I don't want him to lose it.


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  • As a shy guy, I say go for it. He probably wants you to kiss him. When girls reject shy guys, I think they do get shyer, almost to the point of being terrified, almost. If he likes you, then he would probably prefer a kiss on the lips, but on the cheek would be OK. Of course by the time you read this you would have probably done it, oh well.


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  • He won't lose it, go for it he'll love it. Guys love it when girls are direct, if you're feeling shy about it just kiss him when you're saying goodbye and then you can just walk away and he'll be stunned. Anyways whatever happens he'll like it.


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