Difficult situation with choosing who to go out with?

So I met this guy at a bar/dance club a couple weeks ago. And...well...I don't really like him. I've hung out with him a few times just to give it a chance but I'm just not into him.

He said he "got me a surprise" but he won't tell me until tomorrow (Valentine's Day). So I don't even know if he was just saying that to keep me interested. And he already asked me what I want to do for Valentine's Day and I told him a movie.

But I don't want my Valentine's Day to be spent with someone whom I don't even actually like.

I'm talking to two other guys right now and I'm hanging out with one of them tonight.

Should I tell the first guy that I no longer want to see him? Or just go through with it because I already basically told him I'd hang out with him on Valentine's Day?


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  • You already agreed to hang out with the first guy, so I'd go with him. If you weren't interested in him you shouldn't have agreed to go out with him on Valentine's Day. Besides, don't you wanna see what he's getting you?

    • I mean I kinda do but like, at the same time, I don't want to feel obligated to do any face-sucking with him. Plus, I'd feel like a total bitch if I told him to buzz off literally the day after V-day lol


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  • If you don't feel a connection with him that's all there really is to it. From a guys point of view I would much rather you tell me before V-day than after, espically if I had bought you something really nice. Then it would be just like oh thanks that's gorgeous, see ya. You are in a tough spot though.

  • I think you need to tell this guy you're not feeling a connection and you don't want a dating relationship. You shouldn't accept his surprise, or go on the date. But I understand you're in a tough position because you've already agreed to hang out.

  • lol don't lead the guy on, just tell him you don't feel the chemistry with him.


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