When you guys need time to think, how much contact is okay?

So you need time to think. Do you like receiving a txt from your girlfriend during that time? Do you still check in with her? What about Valentine's Day? (Would you still wish her Happy V-day?)

My boyfriend and I are still together but he needs time to think.

He doesn't send me any txts anymore (two txts within a week and since Tuesday = nothing) and ignored my v-day email completely. He was online, so he saw it. I am confused.


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  • Men are not good multi-taskers. If he says he needs time to think, then he's going to devote his time to that. That means no texts and so on because they are just distractions.

    Speaking for myself, when I need time to myself, I want my girlfriend to be able to go off and do her own thing with her own friends for a while. I want to know I can devote my energies to my problem, and not have to worry about her and what she's doing or thinking, or how she's fantasising the relationship falling apart.


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  • If he want distance then it means just that, just wait for him to contact you. I PERSONALLY would still say happy V Day, but if he didn't, then don't say anything. This is also a way to learn him. This will let you know how serious he is, and what kind of distance he needs. For the most part don't contact him unless you need to.

  • Don't assume he ignored your email. Just because he was online doesn't mean he was reading emails. If you want to text him go ahead. Just don't do it like, every day then it can be smothering.


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