Will you ever ask out old classmates in hope of dating them?

Let's say you are in your late 20s or beyond. Would you consider asking out old classmates (that you have long lost touch with) to try going on a date with them, to see if you have romantic compatibility?

Is there a reason why you would, or you wouldn't?

Personally I think I wouldn't, because half of them are already attached. And for most of them we share zero common interests and zero chemistry. I'd rather join dating sites and try my luck with strangers.


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  • Personally I wouldn't. I'm not the type to backtrack, and the chances are someone I thought I knew in high school/elementary is a completely different person as an adult. I also remember not caring too much for the people I Went to school with.

    However, it doesn't seem that out of the norm. Many people do that, mostly with the help of Facebook. So most men and women seem open to it, even if they are in relationships. Some of the relationships turn out great. Some of the relationships turn out not that great.


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  • No, it looks and sounds too desperate, like you can't meet any new people and don't have a new circle of friends.


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  • I've known it happen, but not right out of the blue. It was after a reunion function.