My crush texted me this but I'm not sure what is means?

Itexted him and he responded with this I need some reasons and suggestions, I stands for me and H stands for him:

I: nice outfit today

H:awh thanks your so nice lol

I: so are you lol *random*

H:not really,(continues convo)

What does he mean by not really. I mean I said he was nice,or is he trying to be macho?. Guy I need your opinion


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  • I think he was just trying to be humble about what you said. Usually if someone says a complimented, we sometimes tend to be coy about it.


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  • Call him and ask him...texting leaves so much out of a conversation...give him a call and ask!

  • It sounds to me that he has trouble with compliments, Maybe just do the old fashion thing and communicate by talking to him face to face. If he puts on a Mr. cool act then he is trying to sound like a bad boy. If he shy's away from the discussion then he probably suffers from a low self esteem. Super cool and low self esteem are warning signs of a possessive lover...

  • This is actually very easy. It either means one of three things:

    1. He really isn't nice

    2. He's nice but doesn't realize he's nice

    3. He's trying to seem like a "bad boy"

    My bet's on 3.

  • He may have some hang ups about his look.


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