Would he want to reschedule? Should I even make an effort?

So we had a date this weekend, but it decided to blizzard out so we had to cancel. He ended saying "Another time when its nice out, perhaps"

So is perhaps a way for saying 'no' and not rejecting me? or am I over thinking this?


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  • Overthinking, it is a bad weather, he made a plan but it didn't work out. If he didn't want to do anything with you, he would just said so or make up some crazy unreal fiction story. Take a deep breath and Relaaaaax.


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  • Agree with the others, you are kind of over thinking this. I mean you can't blame him for the blizzard, right? I think you are putting way too much importance on his casual way of saying "perhaps", when you really have no reason at this point to think it means anything other than, "another time when it's nice out". Give him a chance to follow up, or you can, when the weather breaks. Dating can be stressful enough, without making these kind of assumptions. Be cool, eh? ;-)


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  • You're over thinking this! I think "perhaps" was a way of him asking you if you would want to hang out when it is nicer.