New boyfriend keeps snapping at me. Is this a red flag?

My new boyfriend of 3 months keeps snapping at me.

He snaps at me and I feel really hurt and confused because I don't really understand what it is that I did wrong.

1st time was over me accidentally leaving the bathroom light on.

2nd time was over me putting the a glass on the table whilst I went to find a coaster.

3rd time was over asking him if he fancied eating out, as we had both had a long week. He said I was a money waster.

4th time was when he snapped at me for wearing a coat he doesn't like, but it was the only coat I had at the time.

5th time was when I needed to text my mum back because she had been in hospital and he snapped at me to stop texting whilst he was talking to me. (This is very hypocritical, because he literally sits there on his phone all the time, even when I am talking to him).

I mean I know couples have little arguments sometimes, but is this normal so early on? Its really upsetting me and I feel like I am walking on eggshells, because I am not sure when I am going to do something wrong next.

Its making me fall out of love with him as well.

Am I overreacting. Is this normal or not?


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  • of course you are not over reacting you shouldn't be this naive, read your post and if you were in our shoes how would you answer your own question.

    He is snapping at you for the most insignificant of things, but the one that really stands out is him having the audacity to tell you to stop texting your sick mom while you were talking to him.

    I agree with the dave4u he is very controlling and doesn't deserve you.

    • Thank you, yes it probably is obvious like you say. Just I don't have a lot of people to ask advice on some of these things, and am never sure whether what I am feeling is just me or he is actually being nasty. Thanks for your help. :)

    • np Hun I know what you mean, it is hard to see the kight when you are actually IN the relationship, until you get out of it. I hope you do drop him, he is very controlling and being an azzhole


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  • He's psychotic. RUN

  • Sounds controlling


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  • He has temper issues and will probably start beating you soon. DUMP HIM

  • Obviously its a red flag. Listen to your gut.

    • Thanks. I know it is probably an obvious answer, but sometimes when you're on your own with someone, I don't know its weird you just can't tell whether it is your or him that is being unreasonable. :)

  • Wth lol? You should break up with him, he's got issues.