Is this true for dating a big girl?

I once heard someone say that the only good thing to come from dating a fat girl is that they have big boobs and since plastic surgery has taken that away from them then there is no reason to date them. I'm just wondering if this is true?


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  • NO.. that's just one man's opinion.. big girls need luvin too.. =]


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  • i love bigger women. they are my fetish really. big thighs and stomachs. I like how a bigger girls p**** looks. I looks all plump and juicy and its so deep.


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  • That's only his opinion. Some guys have dumbass thoughts about girls and state it as facts like every man in the universe thinks so when it obviously isn't true. There are fat girls who are happy with their men all over the world. My best friend is a size 24 and just got married. If the only good thing about her was her big boobs I'm pretty sure her guy wouldn't have put a ring on it.