Any advice on dealing with the emotional part of dating for a college guy?

I know I am older then usual to be new to the dating world but I cannot change my past, and I must accept that I am a late starter. I recently had my first kiss with a very pretty girl one year older then me who had been in a long term relationship where she gained a lot of experience. She broke my heart by slowly pushing me away after that night. I have been so confused by she is doing what she is doing because we ended the night well and kissed each other goodbye. She has a dark past with mental issues and warned me that she didn't want to hurt me but she pushes people away subconsciously (which is why it has been a while since she was in a relationship). Do any of you have advice on how you accept emotional blows while dating so you keep your regular life going?


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  • Are you still trying to pursue a relationship with this girl or are you trying to learn from the experience? I think that you should focus on what happened to the point of moving on- and realize that the reason the blossoming relationship ended was because of her not you. Any feeble attempts to rekindle can make you seem very annoying. I think you should spend your time with your friends and busy yourself in your time so you aren't still focused on the relationship that won't happen.


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  • Date to add to your life, don't add dating to get a life.. Make sure you have a solid platform to stick through and just look for a chick to add to it as an improvement not a lifeline.


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  • Try not to make them the center of the world. Something else should be the center like your work because it is at least a little more stable where as relationships need the balance of other things. They can't be the balance. As for your situation, you messed up getting involved with a girl who you knew had issues, which is understandable since you're new but now all you can do is say OK its gonna suck for awhile but I will definitely get through and be stronger for it and also don't let it make you bitter or afraid to give new girls a chance.