Guys: if you kiss a girl in a party....?

and it lasted quite a while (lets say 3-4 minutes) would you want to kiss her again what would you do next time you se eher aroung school?

girls if you have kissed a guy, wht did the guy do afterwards?


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  • I would want to kiss her again but I would be afraid to kiss her again at school because I don't know if she would want to kiss me again.

    If she was just a random girl I didn't even know that I kissed at the party I probably would not do anything once I saw her again at school. I would probably just look forward and just keep on walking but in my mind I would want to kiss her again.


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  • I always see some people I made out with at a party one night, walking around campus. I never say anything to them because I think it would get awkward


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  • I kissed my crush at a party a few weeks ago. I was pretty drunk but I just remember not really knowing what to do and just hugging him after.

    • What happened after the party?

    • Nothing. We stopped texting. He said since he's going away to college soon, we shouldn't get too serious. -.-