Ladies....How do you feel if a guy kisses you or doesn't kiss you on the first date?

If you have been talking regularly and really hitting it off and he kisses you on the first date, is he moving too fast? Is that fine? Does it have to be an unbelievable date? Or will a regular date, with him being confident enough to take a chance kissing you be fine? At the same time if he doesn't kiss you, do you think he doesn't like you?


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  • Well if the date goes good, most girls would actually kinda be disappointed not to be kissed. At the end cradle her face in your hands and kiss her for like 3 seconds to test it. If she likes it she won't back away after it. After you kiss keep your face still close and she might just kiss you back. If not then say something witty like I've been wanting to kiss you all evening or goodnight beautiful .. Hope I helped !


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  • i love it when a guy goes in for a kiss on the first date. it gives me reassurance that he's actually interested and likes me. if he doesn't kiss me (and i wanted him to) it will just leave me thinking what i did wrong/why doesn't he like me for the rest of the night.

  • I loved that my current boyfriend kissed me on our first date. It was actually my first kiss ever. I was really excited.

  • First date kiss is fine just no tongue. If I was on a date and the guy didn't try to at least or hold my hand then I would think he doesn't like me. There has to be some physical contact

  • I wouldn't like it, I want to know a person a whole lot better before I lock lips with them


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