Should I wait to college to start a dating and having a relationship?

I am an 18 year old senior in high school and I don't have a girl friend. I really want one but there are only about 4 and a half months left in school.

Should I just wait it out till I am in college?

Sorry I totally messed up on the question lol.


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  • if there's no one in particular who you have feelings for in high school, then I'd say wait till you start college and explore your options. You'll definitely meet way more people during the first few weeks.

    Relationships take time and effort to establish, even though you really want one, sometimes it just doesn't happen. Let things play out naturally; wait to meet someone you really like instead of starting a relationship for the sake of being in one.


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  • its about who you meet not when you meet them. I wouldn't rush into a relationship but I wouldn't wait either. you're going to meet some amazing individuals and giving yourself relationship restrictions will make you miss out on them

    when you meet those kind of people go for it, because they don't pop up just anywhere. you'll realize that you were lucky to have them at some point in your life

    have fun right now, you're young~ its the unexpected relationships that mean the most. don't look to far into the future or back at your past, go with how you're feeling in the moment

  • no after you will be so boring if your in a relationship!


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  • Why fish in a Pond when you can fish in the Ocean.