How do some people get so many dates or seem to have a back catalogue of past relatiinships? Where do you find them all. I have never dated.?

I have never dated because as a kid I became an introvert an became very shy and untalkative around my peers. Anyways where does very boy Ind all these people to date? Even in high school there was nobody and nowadays, there are no girls in bars. Especially girls that would talk to a loner who does almost evytjing by himself. So where are all thee girls/women. In my case I'd probably have to get with some religious girl who is waiting for marriage, if yo catch my dift. I have waited to bloody long for all that stuff and I seriously doubt that a Girl would stay with a guy that has lived there life I have. Being a loner without much life experience.


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  • We (introverts) spend too much time retreated. Imagine your favorite star, athlete, scientist or painter never coming out with his work or performance. It will drastically drop her/his popularity!

    The same works us, since we stay sheltered and always defensive girls can't really tell what we are thinking. We might come as cold or even creepy!

    So~ I'd just recommend doing what you love doing, and let things unravel themselves.
    Buuuut, if you want to give it a extra boost, you can always try online dating. The matchmaking system can work wonders! Although, be warned, the male to female ratio's are against in the world of bits and scripts!


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  • You need to get out and meet some people. Don't focus on meeting women right away. Go meet some people who enjoy the same things as you, or at least one specific thing. Make friends with them. Hang out with them. You WILL meet women through these new friends. The best and easiest way to meet a potential date is through friends. Get out and be social. And when you meet a girl you're interested in, don't psych yourself out by telling yourself she won't be interested. She's just a person like you. Nice and easy small talk, don't overdo by trying to impress her. She'll think you're full of yourself. Don't worry about rejection. It happens to everyone. EVERYONE. The more times you do it the easier it'll get.

  • usually it's how social and outgoing they are, how big of a social circle

  • It's a numbers game. I talk to lots of people during the day. Strangers, friends, acquaintences... and I'm always on the look out.

    I'm not a loner who does everything by himself - so there's that.

    Get off your ass and get some life experiences, and while you're doing that, meet some girls who are doing the same thing.