Help, I'm dating a foreign exchange student?

So I met this really sweet guy in my class at college and we started talking and I fell for him. He fell for me as well and we've been dating for a month or so, but he goes back in a couple of weeks. We've told each other I love you and stuff but I'm unsure of continuing the relationship; he lives in England and I don't know when I'll see him next. I know there's Skype and everything but I'm new to relationships and he's my first serious boyfriend. Do any of you have advice?


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  • In my opinion, LDR's are ultimately doomed if you can't meet up in person on a consistent basis. Let it be a fun fling that you remember fondly, but "break up" from being in a dating relationship. That is over for now.


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  • Long distance relationships are rough. seriously. I think the two of you should talk about it for sure. I can't tell you whether to pursue a long distance relationship or not. You would have to be okay with doing as much as possible to communicate while he is miles away. You would have to be okay with not touching him for months at a time. And vice versa. You still don't know how be feels on the subject. Follow your heart, but in this situation... maybe try and be logical too. Good luck.