Ladies, would you date someone like this?

Would you continue to date a guy once you found out he wears nicer lingerie than you do?


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  • I would feel uncomfortable about it haha. I spend a bit of money on lingerie, I like my lace (: I want my man to be infatuated with what im wearing and whats hidden underneath not what he's wearing. And I certainly don't want to feel one upped by him haha


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  • So what, he has nice boxer-briefs? Who the hell cares about something that superficial? Sounds like you are just looking for a reason to end it.

  • No , I'm not into guys who wear girls undies. I found out an ex did that long after our break up and its a turn of for me. But If its like one of those sexy fireman or policeman costumes I'm all for it

  • A guy wearing bras, panties and camis? Is he trans*? Because I doubt I'd be able to date a trans* person. I'm all for people being whoever they want to be, but personally I wouldn't be able to actually date one. That's just not my thing.

    • I also don't understand why a guy would need a bra unless he's overweight.

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    • Not trans, outwardly presents as a guy, just likes nice underthings

    • Still wouldn't be my thing honestly.

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