Should I text back first after the argument?

Me and my boyfriend been together for 2 years... 3 years next month we always argue. Our good days outweigh our bad days. So we got into an argument about something small. he started it and I snapped. Then when we said fuck each other see ya Sunday (we always said fuck ya lol) should I be the bigger person and text him to get back right or be stubborn with him? I miss him though. its only been like a hour lol


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  • The fact that you fight all the time is kind of sad. If its over little things then I think you both need to realizing how ridiculous it is to fight over the little things and work on not. If its a big issue for one of you, you need to compromise or one has to love the other enough to realize losing the other is a bigger deal. I'm guessing this isn't all that big of a deal to u if ur not mad after a hour. I would text him, although I think apologies via text are lame, call or even better go see him

  • I would just keep it mature and text him. Although if he's always picking a fight, don't be the one to apologize this time... Let him do it for once.