How do I overcome looking desperate to a girl. She wouldn't reply to my text?

I had a huge crush on this girl from quite a while. I finally got her number from a friend. I wasn't thinking as I was desperate so I called her as soon as I got her number. She said she would text me back and we could get together sometime. I waited for a while and then texted her "watsup?". She hasn't replied back. Now I think that I may have come across as desperate and clingy. How do I fix this?


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  • sorry but she's probably a little weirded out that you got her number from someone else. if this happened to me, I'd probably lie just so I wouldn't hurt the guy's feelings. if I like a guy and he texts me, trust me, I can't wait to text him back. so the fact that she hasn't replied probably means she isn't interested. I don't know if you can "fix" it but don't text her again as that'll just make you look even more clingy. just wait for her to initiate conversation or talk to her in person next time you see her.


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  • Don't do anything now. Just wait and see if she actually does text you back. If she does, it means she's interested. If she doesn't, she isn't. You should give it a week or two. If she hasn't gotten back to you by then, I'm fairly sure she isn't interested.

  • Don't rely on texting for proper communication with a girl? That's weak.

    Saying wasup is not going to a get a girl to reply back enthusiastically. It's just a lazy way to say "Hey, how was your day?"


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  • She didn't know you called her as soon as you got the number. She just knew you called. She said she'd get back to you. She didn't. She didn't because she's not interested in you.

    Maybe texting her 'wassup' was trying a little hard, maybe not, but it doesn't matter. She wasn't interested in you from the first call.

  • What was the details of your phone conversation? Did she immediately try to get off the phone and say she will text you, or did you have a conversation first, and she ended it with that reply?

    Stop texting girls that you aren't dating.