How to move from cuddling to making out?

I go to my girlfriends house pretty much every weekend since we've started going out which has been 5 weeks. When I go over there, we usually cuddle on her bed while watching tv or whatever. She usually has her head on my chest or is facing the other way. How do I move from cuddling to making out? We've kissed a few times but we haven't made out and I've never made out before. Any help would be appreciated.


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  • cup the face with your hands and tilting it towards you while you lean towards her face. if she doesn't push you away then its safe to kiss her.
    you could use to hand and put it on her waist... but considering that you're laying down, you need that arm to support your body lol

    • What if i go to make out and she goes for just a peck?

    • dont give up after the first peck. some take a few pecks to lead to the make out. dont giveee up untill she pushes you lol


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  • Easy! You can cusp your hand under her chin, and turn her head so it's easier to go in. Just have the makeout - it's not as hard or crazy as you've built it up in your head ;)

  • Kiss the back of her neck, or her arm and move to her lips. Dont be a potato, you just have to make a move.