What to text last nights make out? Should I text?

Last night I was at a party and I made out with (a lot) a guy I knew from high school but hadn't seen in 2 years. He was really nice and spent most if the night with me, and when i was leaving he said "see you soon" and I was like "sure" so he said to text him, but I don't have his number so he said get it off someone, so I was like who? So he just gave it me. Should I text? What should I say? When should I text? I'm interested to see if it leads to anything


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  • I think if you want to really see him text him something like hee had fun last night it was nice seeing you maybe we can hang out and go to (blank). Maybe go out for coffee, out to eat, etc. Just suggest hanging out and doing something to see if he is interested or not in hanging out. If not that you could just text him random things like nice seeing you, how you been?, What you been up to? etc just to feel his vibe if he is interested or not. If he is serious about seeing you then he will suggest something or make an effort as well in texting back to you.


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  • Sometimes just saying 'Hey' is the easiest thing. Don't over-think it, just do it.