Do you have an attractive friend who keeps posting selfies? (about 3-5x/day)?

I have a female friend who is gorgeous and wonders why she has a hard time dating. I tried explaining her nicely that posting way too many selfies can come of self-centered and desperate. She said she understands yet she still posts like 5 selfies a day and desperately wants a man. I think that's one of the reasons why guys will delete her out of no where.

Maybe she will end up with someone who doesn't mind it. I still love her though.

I'm talking about literally every day she does this.


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  • Yea I wouldn't be into her.

    Given the population around, I think those selfies would attract someone from that pool. I am surprised you think so highly of guys... well... be happy that you don't live in my surrounding.


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  • Lol No I unfollowed anyone who does a lot of annoying selfies on Facebook oh and oh yeah I don't have many female friends because in general