I like this guy, and he likes me but I'm nervous to date him because he goes through girls quickly?

Is he just playing me or does he actually like me. He told me I'm really attractive and cute


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  • Do it. If he leaves it'll hurt and you'll get over it eventually. But at least you can say you were courageous and you tried. Not every guy is ready for a serious relationship but you'll never know if the time is now. Don't go into it looking for anything just go into it ready to enjoy the time you have rather it be brief or long

    • But that's what I don't get. Why would I bother if it's only brief time. I would get hurt and have wasted my time

    • Trying something new is never a waste of time it's an opportunity to gain experience and you're inevitably going to get hurt by something. You're going to get hurt by a lot of things, but it goes away, and the more you see yourself getting over that pain the more resilience and self confidence you'll have. I still say go do it.


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  • That's the "risk" of relationships, but if you never give him the chance, you might regret it later. Eventually, most guys get tired of sleeping around, and they want something that is steady.

    • I just don't want to be another one of his many exes that all the other guys pity

    • Now the question is would you rather be pitied or be alone?

    • I'm not sure

  • he goes through girls quickly? he's the player type


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  • because of his history, you have a right to be concerned. id tell him your concerns and if he gives an answer you like, give him a chance. if he doesn't answer right, say "thanks, try again later" lol

  • If he goes through girls quickly he is probably playing you too. This same guy most likely tells all girls that they are attractive and cute as a way to get them to fall for him.

    • But I've known him before he became a player and he used to have a crush on me and I just ignored it beacasue I wasn't ready

    • Well, I'm just saying. If I were you I'd wonder if he went back to having a crush on me because no one else is around. I'm just saying, be careful. I would hate for you to get hurt.

    • Very good opinion